A team of experts


After several years working for major international museums, Magali Bonnet-Funel and Léa Wegwitz founded ACC to combine their passion, expertise and experience for art conservation, enabling them to provide the highest standards of care to serve private and public art collections Both Léa and Magali are academically trained and licensed state conservators, with a wide range of advanced academic degrees in art, science and conservation (i.e. Biology master’s degree, Ecole du Louvre (Paris), French National Institute for Heritage Preservation – INP).



Art conservator, specialised in furniture, wooden and composite objects, who graduated from the French Heritage Institute (INP)


Magali has an extensive experience working for private and public institutions where she acquired the know-how and expertise necessary for managing every aspect of art collections: environment, pest control, storage, display, handling, inventory. She took part of several refurbishments for museums, setting storage space, exhibitions (New York MOMA, Ethnologishes Museum Berlin, Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris…)
She handled complex conservation projects featuring prominent works of art, encountered traditional and modern techniques (marquetry, gilding, polychromy, parchment, leather, ivory, mother of pearl, tortoise shell…). She also collaborated with many experts in their respective fields of conservation in major private and public museums, historical buildings and foundations.



Art conservator, specialised in gilded woods, frames and conservation framing, who graduated from the French Heritage Institute (INP)


Her expertise was built over 3 years working for international museums after training as a painted and gilded woods conservator. First, as a frames and gilding conservator at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London, in charge of loans and gallery refurbishment projects (Middle Age & Renaissance, Europe 1600-1815). Then, as a frames and framing conservator at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam for its grand reopening in 2013, followed by a Netherland-Turkey conservation project in Istanbul with painting and frames.
These experiences, both varied and highly challenging, afforded her deep practical knowledge of gilded and painted woods, and for the framing of exceptional works of art. She’s also very well versed in routine museum practices: permanent display care, loans, courier, temporary exhibition installation and decanting.

Quelques points sur ACC

ACC offre un accompagnement autour de la conservation d’oeuvres d’art à destination des collectionnes privées et publiques

De la pièce de mobilier au vase Lalique en passant par une installation contemporaine, ACC intervient sur une grande diversité d’objets et de matériaux grâce aux savoirs conjugués de ses intervenants et collaborateurs.


ACC travaille en collaboration avec une équipe de professionnels qualifiés de la restauration d’œuvres d’art, conservateur-restaurateurs diplômés d’état, experts, historiens, ce qui garantit le respect de l’intégrité matérielle, esthétique et historique des objets à travers une déontologie rigoureuse.


Avec une antenne en France et une à Monaco, ACC se déplace à l'international pour intervenir au plus près des collections.


ACC propose un ensemble de prestations à la carte liées à l’entretien des collections, appropriées aux différents besoins des propriétaires selon la vocation de leurs collections.